Theory of Change


We believe...

We believe that educators can solve the challenges that face our schools faster and more effectively than any policy, top down mandate, or expensive commercial solution.  While the education space may not be widely known as a lucrative space for innovation (yet!) we believe it will be and that this innovation will be driven by educators who are leading like designers.  Educators who are embracing the mindsets and stances of design thinking, operating as: Opportunity Seekers, Experience Architects, Rule Breakers, Producers and Storytellers.

We believe..

  • Shifting beliefs is always harder than shifting actions.  People need time to grieve over things that we might be letting go.  Find ways to support people int his process and meet them where they are.
  • Change is scary.  It can be challenging for people to unlearn habits and routines that have worked well for them and to connect to a need for change.
  • Top down changes takes away all the voice and choice of our adult learners.  We need innovative change to bubble up.  Teachers and leaders must be empowered to come to solutions from a human centered design process. We want and need to allow teachers to feel what it is like to be a part of the student experience and honor their insights.
  • Culture is an essential component to the change process.  In order for sustainable change to take place, there must be a culture of of trust and risk-taking where open dialogue is valued and encouraged.
  • Transparency & collaboration are not nice to haves - they are critical.  Invite teachers, students & parents and students in behind the curtain.  Together we will be more effective in our problem solving.
  • Life is lived in perpetual beta.  Change is the only constant and we must decide to disrupt ourselves. 
  • Fun is a critical component in the change process.  Just like students, adults retain more and have more sustainability for what they are working on when they enjoy the process.