Design Thinking Speaking Engagements

Ignite Creativity in Your Leaders & Empower Them to Lead Like a Designer

Ignite Creativity in Your Leaders & Empower Them to Lead Like a Designer

Keynotes to Inspire

Design Inspired Leadership Design inspired leadership is one of the most powerful ways to spark positive change and address education challenges. By nurturing design inspired leadership habits in yourself and those around you, you’ll be able to create momentum for new initiatives and ideas. Shift your leadership and empower your team through design thinking. This keynote will explore how leaders practice new mindsets, explore how to manage new roles and find balance as we push forward. We are at the forefront of the design + education movement.

Empathy Paves the Way for Sustainable Change & Innovation Empathy must be the driving force behind changes to be made in our schools.  In design thinking, empathy is king and is what differentiates it from many process approaches that are also used to tackle problems.   To effectively move our organizations forward, we must be willing to listen, compromise and meet people where they are. Because empathy is a skill that actually grows when practiced, this keynote focuses on concrete ways you can build that empathy muscle and use empathy as the foundation for change in your classroom, school or organization.

Designing Moments that Matter Think of all the moments you experience each day. Some are intentionally planned, but many “just happen.”  What if we were able to intentionally craft more moments that matter for those we lead? This keynote is devoted to experience design and how to create both big and small experiences with intention, designing with empathy. We will inspire your leaders to uncover the unstated needs of the people you are designing for and share how to get started designing moments that matter.

Unlearning & RuleBreaking to Foster Change: When was the last time you questioned the rules or best practices in your field?  Most of the time, these rules are unspoken and unwritten, sometimes they are even referred to as best practices.  Best practices may not be the problem but often they are surrounded by lazy thinking that gets in the way of innovation. You may not need to break rules, but you may need to break with convention and question the stated best practices. In this keynote will explore the value of taking an inventory of rules, turning “yeah, buts” into “yes, ands” and using constraints to your creative advantage.


Design Thinking 101 Do you wish you knew more about Design Thinking or had firsthand experience with it?  Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology grounded in empathy that provides a solution based approach to solving problems.  This process is extremely useful in tackling complex problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by understanding the human needs involved, by re-framing the problem in a human-centric way, by creating many ideas and by adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing. In this workshop, we’ll engage your team in a Design Sprint to give you firsthand experience with each phase of the Design Thinking Process and then provide you the tools you need to use Design Thinking as a problem-solving process in your world to tackle a wicked problem.

Design Thinking & the Transformation of Culture How do you take the habits and mindsets of a design inspired leader and embed them in the culture of the school? In this interactive workshop learn how to use design thinking to transform the culture of your school or district through a focus on human needs, radical collaboration and rapid prototyping.  Anything that has been designed, can be redesigned including your school’s culture. Rethink & build the essential elements of culture using a human-centered process. Learn from other schools and organizations that have successfully transformed their culture using design thinking. Culture is not something you are, culture is something you do.