InProgress  started with a simple goal in mind, support leaders who understand the transformation needs in schools and want to have an impact.  We experienced the frustration of pushing the boundaries in education firsthand – with some success and lots of failures.  As a result, we set out to create the tools and support we wish we had earlier on our journey.   We help leaders practice the habits and mindsets of designers and innovators.  We are ...

  • committed to creating conditions for extraordinary.
  • willing to question and refuse to accept the existing reality of education.
  • fearless in implementing innovative ideas with the understanding that the worst that can happen is failure.

Alyssa gallagher

Alyssa (@am_gallagher)  is an experienced public school educator, school & district administrator, facilitator and educational consultant. Having worked in a variety of roles from school principal to assistant superintendent of schools, Alyssa understands firsthand the complexity of educational leadership and is passionate about improving the learning experiences we create in schools.  She is constantly exploring “What if…?” with school leaders and works to support radical change in education.


kami thordarson

Kami's (@kami_thor) favorite part of leading is the discovery & learning that occurs everyday as you work to support your teachers, students and community.  While no longer actively leading one school as a principal, Kami now applies this talent and passion to designing learning experiences for other educational leaders.  Kami currently serves the Campbell Union School District as the Director of Instructional Technology and is always pushing to ensure technology is used to amplify and accelerate learning.