Design Thinking for School Leaders


It all started when...

We were introduced to the design thinking process through Stanford's Design School in 2010. While we were blown away by the process and the possibility, we were challenged to find the best way to apply and practice these new ideas in our world of education. Fast forward to 2017. We've added to our experience bank, connected with other design thinkers across the globe, and practiced the process when and where ever we could. We've see the power of design thinking and have worked to truly understand the mindsets needed to move people forward in organizations that have operated on habit and tradition for generations. We've discovered and developed five roles and habits that we think today's educational leaders can adopt and adapt to create change. 

Opportunity Seeker - Shift from problem solving to problem finding and actively seek opportunities.

Experience Architect - Design learning opportunities based on need that stretch the current status quo.

Rulebreaker - Thoughtfully challenge the way we always do things.

Producer - Hustle, get things done, look around corners and create rapid learning cycles for their teams.

Storyteller - Create buy-in, take a hero's journey and amplify the good to create authentic community.

Download an over view of the Design Inspired Roles and a few suggestions to get started here.

And here is a list of our favorite design thinking resources, to help support your journey to become a Design-Inspired Leader. 

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