Experience Architect

Would you attend your class if the choice was yours?

It’s 9:00 am on a Wednesday morning and I as I stroll into the spin class at my local gym I see almost every bike is taken.  The few bikes that aren’t taken have a towel thrown over them indicating they have been saved for a friend. I manage to grab the last available bike towards the back of the room and make a mental note to get here earlier in the future.  While adjusting my bike and clipping in, I hear the chatter around the room.

“Have you been to this class?  The teacher is incredible!”  

“You won’t believe how good of a class this is.”

“I can’t believe how hard she pushes us. I rode at my hardest level ever last class.”

Had it really been that long since I’d been to this spin class?  I try to be consistent, but work and life sometimes get in the way and let’s face it, getting to a class at 9 am on a Wednesday isn’t the easiest thing to fit into a work schedule. Come to think of it, the last time I was at this class it was EMPTY.  There were probably only four or five riders in the room other than the teacher including myself and that was at the start of class, invariably a few of the riders let early. What gives? How is today so different? It’s the same gym, the same clientele, the same inconvenient time on a Wednesday morning......and the class is full!

Once class began, the difference was clear.  The differentiator was the teacher! This teacher was incredible.  She inspired, she pushed, she got off her bike and checked in on our progress. She brought her all to class - creating unique playlists, sharing “fit tips” after class while people stretched and getting to know us as individuals. She inspired each of us to accomplish more than we physically thought we were capable of and encouraged us along the way.  People weren’t attending this class because it conveniently fit into their schedule, they were attending this class because of the experience the teacher created. It really is that simple.

My boys headed back to school last week, and I hope more than anything else this year they have the experience of having that teacher—the one who is the differentiator. The teacher who creates an experience and pushes them to be their very best!  I know being a teacher isn’t easy. Demands are increasing, while school budgets are shrinking and yet despite unfortunate circumstances there are teachers out there who are the differentiators!  Thank you! Are you one of those teachers? Are you one of those leaders? Would students or teachers choose to show up for your expertise or leadership if they didn’t have too?