Podcasts That Push My Thinking

Favorite Podcasts.png

I love learning about new ideas and am constantly searching for books, articles, and podcasts that will inspire me.  I get even more excited when I find materials that challenge my thinking and cause me to question.  Usually books are my go to, but lately, time has been a big constraint and I am finding it so much easier to fit podcasts into my on-the-go life. Here are just a few of my current favorite podcasts that touch on leadership, creativity, and education:

Revisionist History - Hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History revisits topics from the past.  Sometimes the podcast focuses on an idea, a person or an event.  I love the perspective that everything from the past deserves a second chance.

Modern Learners - Hosted by author and speaker, Will Richardson, Modern Learners examines the changing landscape of education.  I love the informal nature of this podcast, that leaves me thinking about big ideas in education with examples of schools actually making changes, not just talking about them.

Accidental Creative  - Hosted by Todd Henry, this podcast is full of inspiration for anyone who desires to work and live more creatively.  It is a weekly podcast full of tips and interviews from top thinkers, leaders, and artists.  I know Todd is also starting a new podcast called, Herding Tigers that is focused on leading a creative team.  I haven’t listened to them yet, but just subscribed and will be listening soon.

99% Invisible - If you see design everywhere, this is the podcast for you.  Hosted by Roman Mars, the weekly podcast focuses on all the thought that goes into the things we don’t actually think about.  After listening to this podcast, I guarantee you won’t look at many things the same way and may just start to notice new details of design in your own life.

This is Your Life - Michael Hyatt hosts this weekly dose of inspiration that will help you lead more intentionally.  Every episode contains questions, ideas, and actions that will help you discover ways to do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t.

What podcasts push your thinking?  I’d love to hear!